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A New Chapter—MO: “Muse Our_

Originating from a careful re-evaluation of the relationship daily lifestyle goods have with its users, MO seeks to combine aesthetically harmonious products of practical functionality, which also enable individual expression in an understated manner.

If you are a newcomer, perhaps you may have come across the brand ‘MaskOn’ when you searched online for ‘Hong Kong Mask’ or ‘Protective Mask’. If you are a regular or have been a long-time supporter of our products, you may perhaps have the MaskOn brand deeply ingrained in your mind. However, you may or may not have noticed that we refer to ourselves more regularly as “MO” now, which might make you feel puzzled or somewhat confused by this change. The change is more intuitive than you may have imagined—read on as we introduce the MO brand and hopefully clear the air of some confusion.

Q: What is MO? And what does it mean?

A: MO is short for "Muse Our _____", an abstract phrase that encapsulates the inquisitive spirit of the brand: to ponder and ruminate upon the ordinary things; to collectively consider them from different perspectives, and reimagine the otherwise overlooked. The founding spirit of MO is to embrace and extend a vision of life charged with meaning and significance, whilst delighting the senses.

Q: What is the relationship between MO and MaskOn?

A: MO is the umbrella brand subsuming MaskOn, the Hong Kong mask brand: an adaptation to the changing nature of our surrounding environment and needs, which is rooted in an immutable recognition of our proclivities toward beauty, discovery, and self-expression.

Q: What’s different between the two brands?

A: MaskOn, as the name implies, focuses solely on masks, from our signature Mood Series with 12 colours to various collaboration mask projects including biodegradable masks, 3D masks, ASTM level 3 masks and KF94 masks. As specialists in the mask area, MaskOn is able to develop more innovative and unique product offerings, not only in terms of comfort but also design.

While MaskOn specialises in masks, MO offers a wide range of daily lifestyle goods that balance aesthetics and practical functions for our customers, covering different needs in their everyday life, and enabling our customers to live well in an understated, yet refined manner. Discover some popular choices from our MO._ lifestyle collection below!

 MO Tote Bag Hazy

maskon hong kong-tote bag-tote bag hk

Link: Shop MO Tote Bag (Hazy) Now 

Price: HK$288 (Large)

Details: Large– W60 (bottom 36) x H36 x L25cm

The MO Tote Bag is made from a lightweight, water-repellent fabric, which has been fully lined and reinforced for daily use. The bag consists of one main compartment with an inner pocket for personal items and a second smaller cavity to hold keys or MO’s travel-sized Hydra+ Hand Sanitiser. Constructed with dual nylon webbing straps that run vertically across the body of the bag, the different handles allow for over-the-shoulder carry, or simply in-hand. A nylon fabric detail hangs from the front strap, intended for customisation with our MO x PERKS pins and other decorative accessories -adding a personal touch to express individuality and style.


MO Petit Tin Candle

hong kong mask brand-candle in tin-tin candle

Link: Shop MO Petit Tin Candle Now

Price: HK$128

Details: 80g/ 7oz

Roughly 20-hour burn time

The MO Petit Tin Candle comes in 4 scents, Aloof, Dainty, Hazy and Jazzy. Each fragrance is uniquely blended with sophisticated aromatic notes, ranging from floral and citrusy to woody and musky, teasing and delighting every olfactory sensation.

MO Mask Holder

maskon hk-mask holder-mask keeper

Link: Shop MO Mask Holder (Serene)

Price: HK$68

Details: Textured paper material with a snap-button

The origami-style mask holder has a simple and clean design, providing a method to store one’s face mask when not in use. The mask holder is a convenient and stylish option for mask users, a quality MO product that serves practical ends. Available in 4 colours: Breezy (Tiffany Blue), Dainty (Purple), Serene (Rouge Pink) and Wicked (Green). This mask holder is perfect for keeping all the fashionable masks such as the KF94 mask, antiviral mask and nanofiber mask.


The MO lifestyle collection is continually expanding, explore our entire collection now, and muse a special kind of normal with us!

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