Unravel a New Chapter

From our earliest conversations of a possible collaboration, we sought to find synergies between the unique appeal of each brand, considering Blue Bottle’s minimalist aesthetic, while accenting the designs with subtle details and playful functionality representative of MO / MaskOn.

There is a sense that Blue Bottle’s “slow coffee” roots and unaffected hospitality are at odds with the unrelenting demands placed upon us in a fast-paced society. Likewise, undergirding the day-to-day activities at MO is a shared belief that life is made available and manifests in the pace of our living and the aggregate choices we make—both individually and collectively. In the digital age, it’s all too easy to be perpetually distracted or engaged in uncritical productivity. Shared between Blue Bottle and MO is a people-oriented ethos that’s a subtle departure from the status quo, in the process we hope to encourage a more mindful way of living.

We humbly present to you the guiding spirit of our collaboration with Blue Bottle Coffee: To turn a new page—to unravel a more cheerful chapter of life together. Specifically, we hoped to highlight coffee, care and community which are different facets of social life that make the day-to-day more meaningful and fulfilling.

As part of this campaign, we will be donating some of the proceeds to support ImpactHK, a local non-profit organisation with a mission to alleviate the homeless situation in Hong Kong. For every 5pc MaskOn x Blue Bottle Coffee mask pack sold, HK$ 5 will be set aside for ImpactHK.
MaskOn._ x Blue Bottle Coffee 4-ply Protective Mask
(5pc / 30pc)

“Never be afraid to sit awhile and think.” – Lorraine Hansberry

Paying homage to Blue Bottle's minimalist aesthetic, the MaskOn x Blue Bottle Coffee Limited Edition Face Mask Box pursues a simple package design with understated details. The 4-ply protective masks are embossed with Blue Bottle’s distinct logo and the masks come in a light grey colour with black ear loop straps. The frontside of the mask box features tearaway detailing that echoes the theme of our crossover project. Together with the biodegradable individual packaging, we hope to encourage a more sustainable pace and manner of life—one that accommodates new perspectives and an appreciation for the finer things.


MO x Blue Bottle Coffee 2-Way Tote

"May you live every day of your life” – Jonathan Swift 


 A convertible tote bag designed with multi-functionality in mind. Intended to seamlessly integrate into busy lifestyles, various pockets and compartments allow for organisation and secure storage.

100% made in Hong Kong, the bag is constructed with highly durable polyethylene fiber material, which has the look and feel of craft paper, while also boasting water-repellent and tear-resistant properties. While the bag can be used as a regular tote bag, it can also be rolled down to convert into a smaller bento bag for convenient transport of a homemade meal or to carry all of you coffee brewing gear.