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Travel in the New Normal…with MO!

Reminiscing about hot springs in Japan? Or the delightful crêperie in Brittany? Those dreary days of being stuck at home are behind us and we’re all the better for it! At MO, we anticipate personal hygiene to be a concern for many as they embark on their travels abroad in the new normal. We are here to make what’s most important—the travel experience—simple and hassle-free. Follow along to discover a few of the signature products and travel-friendly gear offered in our latest MO Travel Series.

Travel Series

Travelling in style and feeling secure is an underrated pleasure.

MO Travel Seat Cover

Seat cover-Disposable seat protectors-Airplane seat cover
Price:  HK$48 
Size: W60 x H145 x L14.5cm ± 1cm (fits most standard airplane seats)


Intended to provide a secure inflight experience, MO’s travel seat cover is made from biodegradable material, comfortable on the skin, eco-friendly, and effectively protects you from germs and bacteria. Offered in a simple design with subtle detailing that typifies MO’s unique aesthetic, the disposable seat protectors have a small footprint that seamlessly slips into your carry-on and fits over most standard-sized airplane seats without obstructing the monitor display behind.  



MO Bedding Cover Set — Pillowcase

Pillowcases-Disposable pillow cases-Travel pillow case
Price: Pillowcase set — HK$38 / set (2 pieces)
Size: W80 x H50cm ± 1cm 

MO Bedding Cover Set — Mattress and Duvet Cover

Mattress cover-Duvet cover-Travel bed cover
Price: Mattress & Duvet Cover set — HK$128 / set
M—W200 x H230cm ± 1cm
D—W200 x H260cm ± 1cm


In all its simplicity and charm: the MO bedding sets, including mattress covers, duvet covers, and pillowcases, can be used for the duration of your travels as effective protection from germs and bacteria. Made with a biodegradable spun-bond nonwoven fabric, similar to cotton or linen, it feels comfortable on the skin. 


Why not a combo?

Looking for a travel bed cover but also interested in a disposable pillowcase? For better value and convenience, we offer different sets of travel essentials. Enjoy your trip now with our new travel series!



Easy to Carry Hand Sanitizers

Refillable and reusable solutions for all your On-the-Go hygiene needs.

When packing for your trip, we recommend that you pack light with handy goods instead—leaving more space for souvenirs, gifts, and travel essentials. MO offers various to-go-sized disinfectant spray, which conveniently fit into your bag or coat pocket.

Nano-EO Antimicrobial Spray (20ml)

NAMI disinfecting spray-Antimicrobial spray hong kong-Alcohol free spray
Price: HK$38
Details: Alcohol-free and kills >99.9% of Coronavirus
Skin nourishing Ingredients: 
Vegetal Chitosan, Ceramide, Saccharide Isomerate & Niacinamide    


The Nano-EO spray is formulated to be used as a multi-purpose spray for both hands and objects. The patented ABV bioactive coating maintains 24-hour antibacterial and antiviral effects, providing all-day protection. The on-the-go size is unnoticeably light and easily fits into one’s pocket or bag, making this hand sanitizer spray one of our most popular travel / to-go products.


Hydra+ Hand Sanitizer 25ml

Premium hand sanitizer-Rinse free sanitizer-Alcohol free sanitizer alternatives
Price: HK$49
Details: ℮25mL / 0.8 fl. oz.
Key Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol, Aqua, Glycerin, Parfum, Ectoin


The premium hand sanitizer is designed in on-the-go size, which is convenient and can be refilled and reused. The gel formulation of this rinse-free sanitizer removes potentially harmful bacteria and viruses on the hands, while it nourishes and repairs the skin's barrier with a synergistic blend of hyaluronic and amino acids, in addition to glycerin as the main moisturising agent. 


All of the disinfectant products we mentioned in this blog are now available at MO On-the-Go—our latest shop located at Hong Kong International Airport!  Just in case you were occupied with planning for the trip and missed out on some travel essentials and last minute gifts, drop by and take a look at some of our latest offerings. Bon voyage!

MO On-the-Go ✈️

Shop No.7 T042 (Near Check-In Aisle E), Level 7 (Departures), Terminal 1, Hong Kong International Airport, 1 Sky Road, Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong

Business Hours: 10am – 8pm


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